World holiday puts focus on romance

Holiday in the world’s most romantic spots

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching a holiday taking in some of the world’s most romantic spots could prove to be the ideal – if pricey – gift.

Meanwhile, the results of a poll carried out by the firm offering the trip, suggests Paris has lost its title of the world’s most romantic place to Venice.

Romantics wanting to treat their loved one to Hurlingham Travel’s round-the-world trip will have to find £68,500 to fund it.

The month-long holiday takes in Venice, Rome and Florence in Italy as well as the St Moritz ski resort in Switzerland, Hawaii and the beautiful Greek volcanic island of Santorini.

Loved-up couples who fork out for the trip will stay in romantic hotels where they will be welcomed by the sound of love songs, scented candles and baths filled with flower petals.

They will be treated to the best tours of each place they visit and indulge in candlelit dinners in top-quality restaurants at the end of each day’s sightseeing.

Hurlingham Travel’s survey found that people now believe Venice, with its gondola rides, canals and bridges, is the most romantic place on Earth. Paris was voted as the second most romantic spot with Santorini claiming third place.

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