What type of holidaymaker are you?

What type of holidaymaker are you?

We’re all different when it comes to the kind of overseas holiday we want.

From all-inclusive getaways to money-no-object trips, adventures full of exploration to days spent just sitting on the beach, people rarely want the same things when it comes to holidaying in sunnier climes.

Travel website cheapholidayland.com claims there are 10 distinct types of holidaymaker – so which one are you?

You could be the organiser, who treats every holiday like a military exercise, especially when it comes to getting up early to grab the best sunbeds, or maybe you are the socks-and-sandals stalwart, who loves the outdoors almost as much as their footwear.

The sun worshipper will spend as much time on the beach as physically possible, while the adventurer, on the other hand, will not stand still all holiday, instead looking for new things to see and do.

Honeymooners are easy to spot. They are the ones cuddling up to each other at every single second of the day.

Then there is the bargain hunter, who will look for the best prices everywhere they go and stretch their holiday money as far they can, and the culture vulture, who will spend the entire time in museums and art galleries.

The old reliable will go to the same places each year, while for the all-inclusive it’s all about what’s free.

At the other end of the scale, the money-no-object will be staying on their own private island rather than some pesky, restrictive hotel!


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