Tunisia ‘has cheapest room service’

Tunisia ‘has cheapest room service’

A new report has stated that travelers looking for the cheapest room service should head to Tunisia.

TripAdvisor’s TripIndex Room Service has compiled a league table of cheapest room service destinations.

Tunis, in Tunisia, topped the list with a club sandwich, mini bar snacks and one dry-cleaned shirt costing only £11.03.

At the other end of the scale, Helsinki in Finland is the most expensive destination – costing £53.25 for the same items and services.

But back to the cheaper options, and South Africa’s Cape Town came second, with the same room service staples costing just £13.74.

Hungary’s Budapest finished in third place with a typical cost of £15.24.

Prague (Czech Republic), Marrakech (Morocco) and Puerto Vallarta (Mexico) came fourth, fifth and sixth respectively in the affordability stakes.

Istanbul (Turkey), Jakarta (Indonesia), Dubrovnik (Croatia) and Hanoi (Vietnam) completed the top 10.

TripAdvisor spokesperson James Kay said a hotel’s room rate alone doesn’t provide an accurate reflection of what the full cost of staying can be, especially with the significant global variation in prices for everyday room service items.

Tunis may be the No.1 hotspot for best value room service, but the North African city plunges to 18th place in the league table when the price of room service and room rate is combined, at £111.87.

Jakarta replaces Tunis as the leading destination for value overall with a total combined cost of £71.02.

Mr Kay added: “TripIndex Room Service gives travellers a useful snapshot of where their money will stretch the furthest when it comes to the cost of these items.”

A quarter of British travellers ordered room service while staying in a hotel in the past year.

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