Trying to buy Turkish Lira?

We’ve seen a mammoth 24,000% increase in online orders for Turkish Lira compared to the average daily orders in July 2018. Demand for Turkish Lira has been unprecedented since it plummeted in value. Record levels of British holidaymakers are flocking to Turkey for a bargain summer holiday and savvy customers have been trying to stock up on Turkish Lira, even if their trip isn’t for several weeks.

Due to high demand, we – along with many other currency providers, had to temporarily stop online sales of Turkish Lira yesterday (14/08/2018). However we are working closely with suppliers to get it back on-sale tomorrow. Stock of Turkish Lira is very limited in stores across the UK; however customers can still buy limited amounts of Lira in London Luton Airport and Doncaster Airport. We advise customers to call the branches ahead to check Turkish Lira is in-stock to avoid disappointment.

If you are travelling to Turkey and unable to get your hands on Lira, you can use other major currencies such as US dollars and Euros which can be easily exchanged when you are out there.

Bringing further uncertainty to the markets today is the appreciation of the US dollar against the pound. No-one knows for certain how the exchange markets will fair over the next few weeks but if you think the value of the Dollar is going to continue to appreciate, then buying your currency now will offer you some budgeting certainty at a pretty uncertain time.

If you are looking for the best deals then we would suggest buying your currencies online, however many holidaymakers still prefer the classic queuing on the High Street, paying more money or pay charges for using an overseas ATM. Our online exchange rate is fast and convenient, taking the hassle out of high street queuing and leaving you with plenty of time to plan the rest of your holiday. And, buying online means you can almost certainly get a much better deal and end up with more currency for the pound.