Travellers see five continents in a day

Travellers see five continents in a day

Foreign travel officially doesn’t come more diverse than this: two college friends have visited a record five continents in a single day.

Adrian Butterworth and Gunnar Garfors entered the Guinness World Records books, courtesy of stop-offs in Asia, Europe, Africa, North America, and South America.

There were three stipulations for the trip. They could only fly on commercial planes, could not fly in private jets and were limited to a spend of £1,100 of their own money.

The journey saw them travelling for 28 hours and 25 minutes. But they landed in each continent in one calendar day because of the different time zones.

The travellers began their trip on Friday, June 8, 2012 at 1.10am in Istanbul and ended in Caracas, Venezuela, at 10.05pm the same day.

Butterworth, a Bournemouth-based documentary film-maker, and Norwegian Garfors, a former journalist, filmed their achievement.

The Guinness World Records confirmed the duo had made the book for most continents visited in one calendar day.

Garfors got the idea while watching tourists cross from Europe into Asia by crossing a bridge over Turkey’s Bosphorus River. He said he thought then: “That’s too easy, and easy is boring.”

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