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16 May

Tel Aviv Travel Guide

Travelling to Tel Aviv for the Eurovision song contest this weekend? Here’s some tips to help you make the most of a weekend in Israel’s cultural capital. What to do: With a stunning beachfront, a thriving art and food scene and a dynamic nightlife, Tel Aviv has plenty to keep you occupied while you’re waiting

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08 May

Digital Futures: The Tech Transforming Travel

Over the last decade, the experience of travel has transformed dramatically. Gone are the days of getting lost on cobbled backstreets, armed with a map and a French dictionary, hoping to stumble across somewhere decent for dinner. With the advent of global WiFi, AirBnB, Tripadvisor, Google Maps and Google Translate, every aspect of a holiday

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27 Feb

Sustainable Travel: A Guide to Eco Friendly Tourism

Our planet is pretty incredible. And thanks to technological advances in recent decades, the vast deserts, seas, mountains, rainforests and glaciers that populate the earth are all only a plane ride away. However, our appetite for exploration comes at a hefty cost. Research published last year in Nature Climate Change revealed that tourism is responsible

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21 Feb

Films to inspire your next adventure

With the Ocars just around the corner, we’ve rounded up our favourite travel films of all time. Did we miss any? Get in touch and let us know your favourites. Thelma & Louise (1991) In this feminist classic, two housewives-turned-outlaws embark on a road trip, travelling from Arkansas to the Grand Canyon. Catch Me If You

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07 Nov

Foreign currency: How to get the best value for money

Continuously fluctuating, and sometimes unpredictable, exchange rates can be a cause of confusion for many travellers. It’s difficult to know when to buy your foreign currency before an upcoming trip, or where you should get it from. In fact, with Brexit looming, it seems a growing number of people are anxious about their next holiday

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15 Aug

Trying to buy Turkish Lira?

We’ve seen a mammoth 24,000% increase in online orders for Turkish Lira compared to the average daily orders in July 2018. Demand for Turkish Lira has been unprecedented since it plummeted in value. Record levels of British holidaymakers are flocking to Turkey for a bargain summer holiday and savvy customers have been trying to stock

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06 Jul

Help ICE win gold in this year’s British Travel Awards

  We have been nominated for Best Foreign Exchange Retailer at the 2018 British Travel Awards! The award is voted for entirely by YOU, our customers…so we would love to have your vote. Voting only takes 30 seconds, plus all voters will automatically be entered into the BTA prize draw* for the chance to win

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15 May

Top tips for picking a restaurant on holiday

Our research has revealed the cheapest places in Europe to eat brunch, with Budapest in Hungary coming out on top, but how do you go about choosing the right restaurant? We’ve compiled a list of top tips that will ensure you enjoy a brilliant brunch and help you stay well clear of any dining disasters:

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15 Mar

Five easy ways to save money on a peak season holiday

If you have children, you’ll be familiar with how difficult it can be to find a good value holiday during peak season. Research suggests [1] that the cost of a break during the school holidays can be up to eight times more expensive than during term time, and many parents are willing to take the

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13 Jun

Five things you need to know before shopping at the airport this summer

For many travellers, duty-free shopping can be the highlight of a trip away, with luxuries including high-end fragrances, makeup and alcohol all available at discounted prices. As the name implies, duty-free is the term used for products that are exempt of excise duty and tax and are available to international passengers travelling outside of the

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