Top world attractions of tomorrow listed

Holidaymakers needing a bit of motivation to save up their travel money may find the inspiration they’re looking for in a new list of the world’s most eye-catching forthcoming attractions.

Compiled by, a home-exchange website, the list features 50 attractions around the world, including six in the US, three in Dubai and nine in China.

According to the list a family holiday in the US could, in the future, include a ride on New York’s answer to the London Eye and a visit to the Crazy Horse Memorial, a huge mountain monument being built in South Dakota.

Those heading off abroad for a break in Dubai, meanwhile, have the huge Mall of the World to look forward to. It is set to include a covered theme park, shopping centres, hotels and air-conditioned walkways.

If built, the emirate would also be home to the ambitious Pearl of Dubai. Still in the concept stage, the project features an “ancient” lost city under the water off the coast of Dubai.

In China the kilometre-high Phoenix Towers, being built in Wuhan and due to be completed in 2018, are also certain to become a major tourist attraction as is Hunan Province’s distinctive wavy Changsha Bridge, which is set to open in 2016.

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