Top 10 Currencies – August 14 vs August 13

Top 10 Currencies – August

Europe, USA, Canada and Croatia Top Destinations for ICE Customers |  Mexico and Czech Republic fall out of favour

 Top 10 Currencies Travel Money PrintTop 10 currencies (Travel Money for Home Delivery) on – Aug 13 vs. Aug 14

Leading travel money provider ICE – International Currency Exchange has revealed the top 10 currency orders this summer compared to 2013, offering an insight into UK holiday destinations.

Year-on-year, Europe and the USA remain in the top two spots, potentially buoyed by the strength of the Pound against the Euro and Dollar, with the Croatian Kuna remaining as the fourth most popular currency. Egypt has made a return to favour, as the period of unrest begins to settle, it seems UK travellers are being drawn back to the heady combination of the pyramids and sun-soaked resorts. Some popular holiday destinations, however, such as Turkey and Mexico have fallen down the ranks.

The average rate on the Canadian Dollar stood at 1.6089 in August 2013, compared to 1.8251 in 2014*, meaning travellers visiting Vancouver this summer could have got over $100 more to spend when exchanging £500. It has been a similar story for Croatian Kuna, with the average rate in August 2013 at 8.7512, compared to 9.5649 this August.

The Egyptian Pound also offers real value, as Brits heading for some sun and culture were getting almost 800 Egyptian pounds more on a £500 order this year than they were at the equivalent time in 2013.

Koko Sarkari, COO for ICE, comments, “The USA, Europe and Australia remain firm favourites for UK holidaymakers. However, we’ve also seen some traditionally popular destinations like Turkey and South Africa take a dip in comparison, with the Czech Republic and Mexico dropping out of the top ten altogether. In contrast, Egypt and Switzerland have risen up the ranks for 2014.

“Getting a good deal on currency should be a top priority for travellers wherever they go. This summer has seen the value of the Pound much improved on last, helping holiday makers make the most of their spending budgets. Checking rates online is always a good idea as they tend to be more competitive. It’s also worth considering prepaid currency cards, not only because they can lock in an exchange rate, but because cards such as the ICE Travellers Cashcard offer greater security than carrying cash, along with the excellent benefit of 1.5% cashback on point of sale purchases.

“Customers loading more than £1000 onto their ICE Travellers Cashcard also currently get free membership to DragonPass, a premium service global airport lounge provider, allowing access to airport lounges at discounted rates**.”


September 2014

*               Historical exchange rates sourced from – period averages for August 2013 and August 2014.

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