Top tips on how to avoid looking like a tourist

Top tips on how to avoid looking like a tourist

The best thing holidaymakers can do to avoid looking like a tourist is to put away their map, according to new advice.

Skyscanner has revealed their top tips on how to blend in with the crowds while on a foreign holiday this summer.

It claims nothing signals a tourist more than people who bump into locals while looking at their map. The comparison suggests it is better to learn routes before leaving the hotel room.

Another good tip is to understand foreign coinage to prevent hold-ups and embarrassments at checkouts.

Travellers should avoid bumbag fashion disasters, instead they say to wear money belts discreetly and refrain from walking around with big unnecessary backpacks.

Staring and pointing at attractions marks travellers as tourists, as do football shirts and tourist shop t-shirts. Having an expensive camera around your neck is also a big giveaway.

Locals like it if visitors use a little of their language and those that expect everyone to speak English are easily spotted as typical tourists. Learning a few key phrases and getting them right is a good way to avoid coming off like Del Boy while on holiday.

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