Sterling request ‘refused on Greek island’

Holidaymakers in Greece have been left wishing they had exchanged all their travel money before leaving the UK, with some suggesting banks have stopped changing Sterling into euros.

Alan Seabury, who has been island-hopping with his partner Janet Taylor for the last month, says they ran into trouble after arriving on Naxos in the Aegean.

The 63-year-old, of Sale, Cheshire, says he was turned away by staff when he tried to exchange his Sterling for euros at a bank on the island.

Staff, he adds, told him that they had been instructed not to change any money.

Mr Seabury, who has been travelling for years, says he has never before encountered a bank refusing to exchange Sterling for local currency

He says the bank’s stance has left holidaymakers scrambling around to find the island’s few ATMs which are still working and stocked with cash.

Mr Seabury and his partner say they have also heard reports from other travellers that card payments are being refused in more and more places.

Despite the crisis though, they say locals on the island do not seem to be unduly worried about the situation.

Greece was offered a third bailout package by creditors earlier this week.


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