Should luggage allowance be increased?

Should luggage allowance be increased?

More than four in five holidaymakers (81%) have been forced to leave clothing, make-up or other items at home because their suitcase exceeded the airline’s luggage allowance, according to a new survey.

The poll among 2,749 adults by delivery company found that a seventh of travellers have even had to throw out some of their belongings at the airport to avoid having to spend their holiday money on excess luggage.

Over four-fifths (84%) said they would be happy with just a slightly larger baggage allowance, although two-thirds (66%) do not actually mind having to pack light and leave some of their belongings at home.

Items of clothing are the belongings most commonly left at home (68%), followed by shoes at 62%, make-up and toiletries at 59% and jewellery at 45%.

The survey also found that most travellers (86%) consider the luggage restrictions while packing at home, but around one in seven (14%) only realise they have packed too much once they get to the airport.

Just over half of those polled (56%) also admit to buying things on holiday but then leaving them behind when travelling home.

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