Holidaymakers to relax with in-flight pet channel

Would you watch a pet channel to relax you on your flight?

Holidaymakers on British Airways long-haul flights will soon be able to make their journeys more pleasurable… with the aid of cats and dogs.

The Paws and Relax channel will be available as a part of the in-flight entertainment package on certain services from September, the airline has announced.

Travellers are already enjoying a taste of the new service thanks to a trailer featuring cute felines and canines being stroked and hugged by BA cabin crew members.

The idea is to make travellers happier in the air, according to the manager of BA’s in-flight entertainment, Richard D’Cruze.

He admits it may sound barking to some, but research has shown that seeing footage of pets can boost wellbeing.

By showing programmes like animated series Simon’s Cat, the BBC show The Secret Life of Cats and America’s Cutest Dog, the channel will comfort passengers and appeal to people of all ages, Mr D’Cruze says.

Among the pooches and kitties starring on the channel are the residents of Battersea Dogs and Cats Home.

Laura Lambert, who rehomes Battersea animals, says cats and dogs are wonderful to have around, especially when people are feeling worried, and she thinks the new channel will help animal lovers to relax on their flights.

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