Prague & Budapest best for bargain 2015 celebrations

Head to Prague or Budapest for a New Years Eve bargain

Prague and Budapest are the places to go to see in 2015 in style while not breaking the bank, new figures suggest.

The East European destinations were found to be among the cheapest cities in which to celebrate New Year’s Eve.

Almost a quarter (24%) of Britons would prefer to celebrate the turn of the year in places such as Prague or Budapest, where a night out is a fraction of the cost of other cities.

A night out in Budapest with of a pint of beer, a bottle of champagne, an evening meal and admission to a fireworks display costs an average of £66.81 per person, with a meal making up a just under a third of that cost.

However, Prague was even cheaper still, with the equivalent night on the tiles costing just £42.90, leaving revellers with plenty of spare travel money to see the amazing sights the city has to offer.

Meanwhile in London a similar evening would cost a whopping £336.14 per person, with the capital city being the only destination surveyed where there was an admission charge for the fireworks show. Even New York was substantially cheaper, coming in at £118.60 per person.

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