Passengers choose new design for planes

Easyjet asks passengers to help mark their 20th birthday

Families will soon be jetting off for their foreign holiday aboard easyJet planes bearing a bright new design chosen by thousands of passengers and crew members.

Customers and staff were asked to select a design to help the airline mark its 20th birthday, which will be reached in November.

Planes are now set to feature an orange stripe between the tail fin and fuselage, making the budget airline’s logo 15% bigger.

The logo will no longer include “.com”, with the name easyJet appearing in white on an orange background instead of the current orange lettering on white fuselage.

The new design will now be featured on all newly delivered easyJet aircraft, including nearly 200 Airbus A320s.

By the end of 2015, 29 of its current fleet of 226 aircraft will include the new livery.

With repainting an aircraft taking around a week, easyJet hopes to see half its fleet bearing the new design by December 2017.

The airline says it is making the move to give its planes a sleeker, more modern appearance.

The “” logo was first put along the fuselage of the airline’s planes 17 years ago when it began taking flight bookings online.

Its first livery design three years earlier had featured the booking number on the fuselage.

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