Pack up your foreign holiday troubles

Top tips to ensure you go on holiday trouble-free

Foreign holiday travel tension could be conveniently packed away – if you follow a six-point stress-busting plan.

Breaking Travel News has compiled these top tips to make sure you enjoy your holiday argument-free when it comes to packing:

Fail to prepare, prepare to fail
Plan well in advance, rather than leaving it until the last moment. There’s no excuse not to be ready now, with an array of easy-to-use apps that do the organisation for you. TripList comes particularly recommended. You should be fully packed two days before you leave.

Travel light
Too little is preferable to too much. So guesstimate how many outfits you need, keeping in mind that most destinations abroad now have washing and drying facilities.

Build up gradually
Why not add to the excitement and anticipation by building up gradually in the weeks leading up to your getaway. Employing this method means that you can add to your wardrobe every time you notice a deficiency.

Space race
You need to create as much space as possible to minimise baggage, right? So roll up your clothes. This has the added bonus of them arriving at your destination free of creases. Limit your packing still further by checking with your accommodation what is available at the hotel, such as hairdryers, towels, shampoo, etc.

Weather checks
A look at the 10-day forecast should forewarn you whether to leave your waterproofs and warm clothing at home.

Weigh-up matters
Find out your luggage allowance and weigh your suitcases well in advance.


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