Managers check work emails on holiday

Bosses check their work emails on holiday

Managers have trouble leaving the office behind – even on holiday.

New research by the employment law resource Employersguide reveals that as many as 73% will check their work email on a trip away – up 5% on the 2013 total – while 53% will make at least one telephone call to the office.

The poll of 2551 managers from various industries paints a worrying picture of bosses who are unable to completely kick back and relax.

Checking work email in a spare minute away from the beach can quickly turn into a matter of hours as the pressure to stay on top of what’s happening takes hold.

Alan Price, managing director of Employersguide, suggests all holidaymakers, not just managers, should leave their mobile phones and laptops at home so they can get out and enjoy themselves by spending their well earned holiday money on things they really want to do.

He claims the whole point of getting away is to leave behind the grinds of daily life and recharge your batteries – allowing you to return to work feeling refreshed and energised, not the other way round.


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