Last minute does not mean losing out as 1 in 10 leave travel money to the eleventh hour

1 in 10 leaves travel money to the last minute, sorting it out within 24 hours of their departure while 17% leave it to just a few days prior to their holiday[1] according to a new survey of 1000 travellers by leading travel money provider ICE – International Currency Exchange.   With the Euro outselling all other currencies and sales of Euros up 4.16% year on year, ICE offers its top tips for buying Euros for the Spring and Summer holiday months.


When are you buying? How to buy What £500 would buy you at:
The day of travel
  • Don’t get caught out by less competitive rates at the airport.
  • Check online for e-vouchers offering preferential rates at the airport or train station such as Click&Collect from ICE.


ICE Heathrow Underground687 Euros
The day before travel
  • Download the e-voucher as above and use at a convenient location on the way home from work or en route to the airport
ICE Waterloo692 Euros
Two days before travel
  • Order online for home delivery
  • If you’re not going to be at home, reserve the currency and arrange to collect it from a local branch at the same rate
iceplc.com695 Euros
A week before travel
  • Order online for home delivery.
iceplc.com695 Euros
Two weeks before travel
  • Order a mixture of prepaid card and cash
  • Prepaid cards usually take a week to 10 days to process but to be on the safe side allow a couple of weeks
iceplc.com677.50 Euros on the ICE Travellers Cash Card 


Currency rates taken from 14.07.15


“Leaving it to the last minute doesn’t necessarily mean losing out says Koko Sarkari, COO of ICE.  “It really pays to shop around and plan your holiday money in advance.  For those short on time there is a choice of 17 locations including 7 major train stations and airports to pick up Euros and US Dollars at discounted rates through our Click & Collect service”.


The ICE Click & Collect service simply requires customers to print off a voucher from the ICE website or show the voucher on their phone to access rates that often beat quoted online rates and promises their best rate on the day of collection.


“If you allow enough time, a prepaid card offers a whole host of benefits, not least security and some, such as the ICE Travellers Cash card offer rates that are comparable if not better than rates for currency ordered online. Organising travel money isn’t the most exciting part of the holiday but with a little planning you’ll have a bit more cash to splash.” | © Press Association 2015