Laptops safe to use during take-off?

Bored of having to sit around doing nothing until your flight is in mid-air? Fear not… 

Passengers heading off on holiday could soon see the ban lifted on using smartphones, laptops and tablets while a plane is taking off and landing


This follows a new study regarding the use of laptops, tablets etc. carried out by the Aviation Rulemaking Committee on behalf of the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

The study concluded that portable electronic devices (PEDs) could be safely used while a plane is taxiing, taking off and landings  just as well as when at cruising altitude.

The FAA is expected to implement new guidelines that will enable passengers to read e-books, listen to podcasts and watch videos throughout their flights next year in the US with the UK’s Civil Aviation Authority then following suit.

But the ban on passengers using their phones to text or make calls is expected to stay in place.

Current FAA guidelines ban the use of PEDs during “critical phases of flight” because of the “many uncertainties about the radio signals the devices give off” and to “prevent potential interference that could pose a safety hazard”.


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