Jump in summer holiday bookings

Jump in summer holiday bookings

Sun-seeking Britons cannot wait to hit the beach this summer.

Online travel agent On the Beach has revealed a dramatic jump in the number of summer holiday bookings so far in 2014.

Its bookings are up 40% year-on-year already, with people more eager than usual to don their swim shorts and soak up the rays in sunnier climes.

The agent has also observed that holidaymakers using its website are typically spending 7% more on their getaways this year, splashing the cash on longer trips and fancier hotels with higher star ratings.

Bulgaria’s Sunny Beach resort on the Black Sea coast is the fastest growing European destination among Brits looking for a break from the grinds of daily life, with bookings up a massive 140% year-on-year.

Bookings are also up by 122% in Croatia, while Cyprus and Malta are enjoying growth of 63% and 54% respectively.

But it’s not just short-haul destinations that are up, long-haul destinations are as well.

North Africa, in particular, is proving to be an extremely popular hotspot this summer. Morocco, for instance, is selling well above last year, up by 122%, while the same can be said for Tunisia, which is up by 73%.


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