Jetset can enjoy jumbo jet hotel

Would you stay in a plane-turned-hotel?

A Swedish entrepreneur has made a dramatic landing into the hotel market by converting a huge Boeing 457 jumbo jet into luxury accommodation.

Oscar Dios, from Sweden, spent more than £1.5 million transforming the plane into the unique space, making ordinary airport hotels seem just a bit mundane.

Dios stripped out the former Pan-Am plane and turned it into a hotel named the Jumbo Stay next to Sweden’s Stockholm-Arlanda Airport.

He spent six months and more than 2 million euros replacing the engines and 450 seats with 34 rooms, including a superb luxury suite.

And for around £320, you could spend a night in this hotel with a difference – and guarantee that you will be on time for your flight the next day.

Space is sometimes tight, with beds slotted into some surprising places, but guests are promised delights such as jaw-dropping, scenic vistas of the runway from the craft’s snug cockpit.

They can also savour en-suite bathrooms and join fellow guests in the fully licensed communal lounge, where  they can recline in converted armchairs drinking m artinis  at the bar.

For people looking for something different from the rest of their travel experiences, this promises to be altogether unique.


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