Travel further, holidaymakers urged

Non-European holiday travel urged

Holidaymakers are being urged to step out of their comfort zone and travel further afield to sample more exotic climes.

With an increasing number of relatively short-haul flights to non-European destinations, there has never been a better time for travellers to venture outside of the EU for a holiday.

A survey by travel agent found that 17% of people did not actually know if they had been beyond Europe on their travels abroad, either because they lacked the geographical knowledge or because they simply could not remember all their previous foreign holidays.

A total of 2,134 people responded to the survey. Some 55% of those who replied said they had never had a holiday outside Europe. managing director Chris Clarkson said:

There are relatively short-haul flights to destinations outside Europe, such as Morocco and Egypt, so people shouldn’t use distance or the time it takes to travel as an excuse not to travel further afield.”


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