Holidaymakers ‘not reclaiming tax’

Millions of holidaymakers may be failing to get the most out of their travel money when shopping abroad, a new study suggests.

Tax-free shopping is available in many countries, but over the last two years less than one in 12 (8%) Britons have reclaimed tax on the items they have bought while on holiday.

Direct Line, which carried out the research, says the main reason travellers are not claiming the rebate is because they do not know they can.

More than two fifths (42%) of those surveyed said they were not aware that they could reclaim the tax they had paid while abroad.

That is despite the fact that some shops have special tax refund centres, with many international airports having dedicated rebate desks at their departure gates

Another 14% of those surveyed said they could not reclaim the tax they had paid as they had not kept receipts for the items they had bought.

A further one in eight (12%), meanwhile, said they had not even tried to reclaim the tax as the amount of money involved was not worth bothering about.

A similar proportion said they had been put off trying to make a claim as they thought the process would involve too much trouble.



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