Holidaymakers fail geography test

Holidaymakers fail geography test

Millions of Brits change travel money and head overseas every year on holiday but new research suggests most are unable to locate their destination on a map.

A survey by has found just under three-quarters of the British people it polled could not point to Greece on a map, despite it being one of the most popular locations for summer holidays.

More than half of them (54%) couldn’t find Cyprus, 12% thought South Africa was Spain, 10% mistook China for Brazil and an amazing one in 10 participants confused Poland with the United States.

Bulgaria was the country most of those who took part in the study failed to find on the map.

It is becoming more and more popular for sun and ski breaks but nine in every 10 of those polled didn’t have enough geography knowledge to pick it out.

South-east Asian countries also proved problematic, as 88% of Brits didn’t know exactly where Singapore was, two-thirds (66%) couldn’t spot Thailand, and 63% had no idea where Vietnam was.

Three-quarters of those who looked for Spain could find it, which isn’t surprising as it remains the most popular holiday destination for British people.


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