Grandparents used as holiday babysitters

Grandparents used as ‘holiday babysitters’

The majority of parents who ask their mums and dads to go on multi-generational family holidays with them do so to get a break from the kids, new research suggests.

Online travel agent polled 2,139 British families and found 61% asked other people to come with them on a holiday abroad this year.

More than a half of mums and dads with children under the age of 15 (53%) asked their parents to accompany them and just over two thirds (67%) admitted they wanted them to look after their grandchildren so they could have some time to themselves. It also means they don’t have to spend their travel money on hotel crèches and child-minders.

Of the poll participants who asked their parents to go with them, 42% said they were not very happy with the idea and 21% said it was something they did regularly. Convincing grandparents to come on holiday can be the best way for mums and dads to have time with their children and on their own, according to Managing Director Chris Clarkson.

But he said it is a good idea to make sure they are happy with the situation before booking as mums and dads might be disappointed if they think their parents will babysit for a couple of nights.

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