Flooding fails to deter revellers at Venice Carnival

Seasonal flooding hits Venice Carnival

Rising tides didn’t prevent tourists and travellers flocking to see the annual Venice Carnival.

The renowned event, which began on Sunday, was a wetter than usual affair, with seasonal flooding hitting the city.

But Venice, nicknamed the City of Water, is accustomed to the flooding, known locally as “acqua alta”, and the show continued as usual, with revellers donning traditional masks and costumes.

Some also added this year’s must-have accessory – Wellington boots. while others made makeshift wellies by putting plastic covers over their legs and feet.

Venice is made up of 117 islands linked by a network of canals and bridges. This year’s high waters were seen at the heart of the festival in Piazza San Marco, but organisers helped visitors by installing raised walkways, which allowed people to visit the range of attractions without needing to get wet.

The festival’s grand opening saw people turn out in a sea of masks and elaborate costumes. As the show goes on, there will be parades, contests, theatre performances, fireworks and music. This year, the food promises to be better than ever, with the theme being “The World’s Most Delicious Festival”.

Early next week will see the biggest crowds, with tourists flocking to see the the Feast of Marie and Flight of the Angel. Meanwhile the Flight of the Eagle celebration will take place on 15 February.

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