Fashion to suit your travels

Fashions to suit all foreign holiday travel

Want to fashion your wardrobe to each individual foreign holiday travel trip? Here’s how, according to Skyscanner.

The travel comparison site has devised the following top fashion tips on what to wear for most kinds of getaway abroad.

Beach holidays equals glamour. This means women wearing their statement maxi dress atop a complementary swimsuit and giant bug sunnies.

Safari holidays mean putting practicality before style, but you can still look good in mosquito-protective light trousers.

Party holidays in warm weather destinations can only mean T-shirts and shorts for boys, or playsuits and dresses for girls.

Ski trips are almost about anti-fashion, so dig out that awful jumper your Auntie got you for Christmas to go with equally garish ski shades and matching jacket.

Festival holidays scream “wellies” like no other trip. Combine leggings and shorts to keep dry and have fun choosing accessories such as headpieces and flowers.

City breaks cry out for comfort fashion, starting with your shoes.

Shopping holidays are ideal for easy-to-slip-out-of gear, such as dresses or jumpsuits so you can try on a garment or 12 in fitting rooms.

Active adventure breaks encourage the wearing of vividly-coloured sweaters and T-shirts to go with practical, hard-wearing trainers.

Camping trips are easy to look cool at. Just throw on your skinny jeans together with a woollen jacket or your chunkiest hand-knitted sweater.

Backpacking adventures see fashion again having to be sacrificed on the backburner of practicality. Your cheapest jewellery can enliven proceedings without risking your best stuff.


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