Duchess of Cambridge tops poll of travel companions

Duchess of Cambridge considered perfect travel companion

The Duchess of Cambridge came first in a new poll of perfect travel companions we would like to fly abroad with.

London City Airport’s survey shows that any royal family member tops the table with 13.5% of the votes cast.

The Duchess of Cambridge is the most popular royal for a fantasy flight, followed by brother-in-law Prince Harry and mother-in-law the Queen.

Then comes two celebrities long gone but not forgotten. Actress Marilyn Monroe (12.5%) and Elvis Presley (12.1%) are second and third respectively.

Footballer David Beckham and former Prime Minister Winston Churchill share fourth spot with 11.1% each.

Stephen Fry (10.6%), Richard Branson (8%), Nelson Mandela (7.5%), Johnny Depp (7%) and George Clooney (6.5%) make up the top 10.

The poll also investigates the habits we least like to fly next to.

Bad body odour easily tops the list of gripes with 48.2%, while amorous couples are the most off-putting flight neighbour for 5.2% of those polled.

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