Does your profession influence your holiday destination?

Your choice of holiday destination can offer clues as to what you do for a living, according to a new survey.

Mechanics, for example, are more likely to spend their foreign travel money in Spain’s Costa del Sol, while admin staff see the Algarve as their preferred getaway.

Human resources employees tend to visit New York, while those in construction head for Egypt’s Sharm el Sheikh.

Sales and marketing workers prefer Spain’s Balearic Islands, while financial staff favour Tuscany in Italy, according to travel agent’s poll of 1,892 people.

All of them had been abroad on holiday in the past 12 months and were in full-time work.

It also found that accountants favour France’s Cote d’Azur, while health workers like Madeira.

Armed forces personnel have a penchant for Phuket in Thailand and education staff like Spain’s Costa Blanca.

Furthermore, IT employees prefer the Costa Brava; media professionals choose the Greek Islands, and engineers make for the Caribbean.

Transport staff favour Andalucia in Spain, hair and beauty workers prefer Turkey’s Dalaman region – while 59% said they are influenced by their work colleagues over holiday destination choices. managing director Chris Clarkson said the poll proved there is a link between job and holiday destination.


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