The DIY Wellness Guide: Save £2,000 on a Luxury Wellness Retreat

  • A typical ‘wellness holiday’ costs travellers an average of £2,500 for a 5-7 night stay
  • New research reveals that taking a DIY approach can save travellers up to £2000

Wellness tourism is the fastest-growing travel sector, worth a staggering £495 billion. From Ayurvedic yoga sanctuaries on Thailand’s white-sand beaches to silent meditation retreats in the Himalayan mountains, the global wellness market offers something for everyone.

But with a one-week retreat costing an average of £2,500, wellness breaks come with a price tag that isn’t so inclusive.

Currency provider, International Currency Exchange (ICE), have worked out that if you’re prepared to ‘do it yourself’, wellness holidays needn’t come at such a hefty cost. Simply booking your own flights, accommodation and activities could save you up to £2,000.

ICE have put together a handy DIY Wellness Guide which calculates the average cost of a DIY wellness trip. Including a Detox Retreat in Slovenia, a Digital Detox in Cuba, a Spa Retreat in Turkey a Vegan Retreat in Berlin and Yoga Retreat in Croatia.

So whether you’re a yogi after a week of mindful relaxation, or an aspiring vegan looking for a plant-based break, our DIY wellness hacks will help you curate a wellness getaway that you can actually afford.

The DIY Yoga Retreat

A seven-night yoga retreat in a luxury destination in India, Thailand or Japan will set you back around £2,846.

With beautiful scenery, a flourishing yoga scene and flights starting at £42, a self-made yoga break in Croatia is an excellent, cost-effective alternative.

For significantly less money than it will cost you in conventional wellness spots, splash out on a 5* hotel in Dubrovnik, waking up to stunning views of the ancient city. Fitness enthusiasts can begin their day with a run along Banje Beach, or a workout in the hotel gym, before relaxing in the spa. Yoga sessions are often run free of charge along Croatia’s sandy beaches, or are available for a small fee in yoga studios across the city.

A meal for one in Dubrovnik will cost around £16. With a seven-night stay including food and daily yoga sessions, coming to just over £800  per person, opting for a DIY Croatian yoga retreat could save you more than  £2,000.

The DIY Detox Retreat

Detox retreats in Italy are an attractive option for wellness tourists, but don’t come cheap, adding up to an average of £2,926.

A DIY detox break in the neighbouring Slovenian Alps, offers equal beauty and tranquillity, at a much more affordable price.

Spend a week in a secluded hotel in the Triglav National Park, waking up to lake views and clean mountain air, and relaxing in the hotel spa, where treatments average at £44.88. The idyllic Lake Bled is also worth a visit. The picturesque relaxation spot offers hiking, biking and water-sports for the more adventurous wellness traveller.

Flights to Ljubljana begin at around £125. From there, coaches take travellers up to the idyllic mountains for a small fee. With a meal in the capital coming to around £6.50, a week’s DIY detox in Slovenia could save you a total of almost £2,000.

The Digital Detox

With screen-weary travellers increasingly looking for a way to switch off, digital detox retreats in destinations like Sri Lanka, Bali and Costa Rica promise tech-free tranquillity at a hefty cost: an average retreat will set you back around £2,561.

For an authentic off-grid experience, why not plan a trip to Cuba, where WiFi is never free, and users need to get a special permit to access the internet. With its colourful scenery, fascinating history and dynamic cultural life, you’ll have plenty to distract you from any Instagram withdrawal symptoms.

With a meal only costing £3.90 on average, and a seven-night stay in a luxury resort coming to around £687, choosing a DIY Cuban break over an all-inclusive digital detox retreat could save you up to £1,500.

Vegan Retreat

With the growing popularity of veganism has come the rise of the vegan retreat: a wellness package offering strict vegan menus and plant-based cookery classes, for a not-so-sustainable price. Vegan retreats in Indonesia, the Philippines or France will set you back an average of £2,225.

Cut costs by curating your own plant-based getaway in Berlin, recently ranked by Happy Cow  as the world’s second most vegan-friendly city. (London came out on top, so super-savvy wellness seekers could even consider a staycation.)

Berlin has 65 dedicated plant-based restaurants, as well as hundreds more with vegan and vegetarian-friendly offerings.  Veggie Village  offers vegan cookery classes in English all over the city with prices starting at £68, and each summer the city is home to Europe’s largest vegan festival, Veganes Sommerfest . Travellers can even stay in Berlin’s first vegetarian organic hotel, centrally located in Boxhagener Straße .

With an average week-long stay coming to around £740, a DIY vegan break could save you a total of £1,500.

Spa Retreat

All-inclusive spa resorts in Crete and Italy can cost around £1,965 per person. Get more for your money by opting for a luxury spa break in Turkey, where wellness retreats come at a much more affordable price.

On average a seven-night stay at a spa hotel , will cost you £502 for the hotel stay and £395 for five-day access spa pass and five complementary 50-minute treatments. With a three-course meal costing around £7 and flights averaging just over £270 per person, Turkey is the ideal destination for an affordable spa break.

Louis Bridger, Head of ICE in the UK, commented:

“The wellness travel sector is booming like never before. However, with rising popularity comes rising prices, and most wellness breaks now come at an extortionate price point.

“At ICE, we like coming up with cost-effective travel solutions, and with the DIY Wellness Guide, we wanted to use our expert knowledge of currency and tourism to make wellness breaks accessible and affordable to everyone.”