Children ‘better-travelled’ than parents

Many children are ‘better-travelled’ than their parents, new research shows

More than two-thirds of children in the UK  have travelled abroad on holiday before they have reached the age of 10, according to trends expert Peter York.

This marks a stark comparison to the experiences of their parents, with 70% claiming that they had not travelled abroad at all before reaching 10 years of age.

Additionally, 41% of children will have travelled abroad more than four times before they start secondary school.

Mr York said that there are huge benefits for children who are expanding their horizons (or have had their horizons expanded) at such a young age.

“At every level, the benefits of increased travel are massive,” he said.

“They’re learning about other countries, about languages and culture, and having experiences in other countries their parents didn’t even have chance to visit.”

He went as far as to call the current era the “golden age of travel”, in reference to the abundance of flights available,  allowing people to travel all over the world.


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