Brits flocking to Morocco and Tunisia

Brits flocking to Morocco and Tunisia

Morocco and Tunisia are becoming popular destinations for UK holidaymakers in search of some sun, sea and sand.

Figures from the Office for National Statistics show that the number of Britons visiting the two African countries jumped considerably in 2013.

Visitors to Morocco increased by 28.7% on 2012, according to the International Passenger Survey, while visitors to Tunisia grew by 17%.

Spain, however, was the top destination among Brits who went on a getaway abroad last year, perhaps owing to the relatively short flight time to the European destination compared to more far-flung locations.

The research also reveals that holiday visits to see family or friends overseas were up by 4% during the period. Business trips, on the other hand, slumped by 1.9%.

An increasing number of tourists now turn to online reviews before booking a break abroad or for tips on their chosen destination.

TripAdvisor, for instance, claims more than 150 million reviews and opinions have been posted on its website.


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