Brits book holidays to get over breakups

Brits book holidays to get over breakups

Holidays in sunnier climes help broken-hearted Britons get over a recent breakup, according to new research.

Travel company found that a fifth organised a trip overseas within three months of splitting from their partner.

The vast majority of these claimed they needed to jet off on holiday in order to clear their head and get over the breakup, while a quarter ventured abroad with the idea of finding a new love interest on their travels.

Ibiza was the number one destination for newly-single Brits, while Rhodes and Mallorca completed the top three. But they didn’t always go in search of sun, sea and sand by themselves – friends and family members were often in tow.

Relaxing on the beach and spending money in the hotel bar are just some of the ways that travelling singletons get over their previous love. Splashing the cash on holiday clothes and accessories also helps.

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