Britons’ dream holiday home revealed

Britons’ dream holiday home revealed

Brits really do like to be beside the seaside when they go on holiday but they also want to head abroad and stay in a celebrity-style luxury holiday home, a new survey suggests.

Asked for their vision of a dream holiday home more than nine in 10 people said they’d like it to have a home cinema and a hot tub.

Almost two-thirds would look for a seaside location with around three-quarters saying they’d go abroad to Spain, France or Florida.

The survey was carried out by Holiday Home Insurance and asked people to come up with their ideal holiday home, assuming that travel money was no object.

Other touches of luxury holidaymakers would like to enjoy include king size beds, marble floors, a real fireplace, a private garden and an open plan kitchen.

While the majority would prefer to rent a home in a seaside location one in five want to stay near ski slopes. But only 4% and 3% said they’d prefer a place in the countryside or a city location.

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