App helps travellers through airports

Travel app launched to help travellers through airports

Knowing when to have your passport or boarding pass at the ready can be confusing for some travellers, especially those who are new to air travel.

But a new app being introduced by budget airline easyJet seeks to help make it easier for travellers to negotiate their way through airport procedures by sending them reminders on what to do and when to act.

Strategically-placed Bluetooth beacons at Gatwick, Luton and Paris Charles de Gaulle airports will transmit instructions to registered travellers’ mobile phones, reminding them that it’s time to have their passport ready or present their boarding pass, giving them more time to check their travel money and research their holiday destination.

The app is being trialled over the summer and if it proves successful could be introduced at more airports across Europe.

easyJet’s commercial director, Peter Duffy, says the technology is being introduced to help make journeys easier for passengers.

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