Airports busy but festive

Airports ‘busy but feel festive’

The UK’s major airports have seen a busy start to Christmas Eve, despite the roads and trains being more quiet than normal

With as many as 4 million people heading abroad over the festive season, between 19th December and 3rd January, many flights have been full this morning.

Gatwick Airport endured flooding problems this time last year, with a power outage leading to delays for some passengers.

However, the picture is very different this time around, with the airport greeting passengers with a warm welcome.

One passenger, Rhiannon Morton, tweeted that the West Sussex airport felt very “Christmassy”.

Morton said she had seen Santa Claus, Frosty the Snowman and a giant snow globe.

Another traveller, Nicola Keleher, tweeted that despite it being busy, the Gatwick Airport South Terminal was providing entertainment and singers.

The Canary Islands, Tunisia and Morocco are expected to be popular holiday destinations this Christmas.


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