Accommodation safety prioritised by Travellers

The biggest booking “must-have” for Britons heading overseas on holiday? Safe and secure accommodation.


Accommodation that is safe and secure is of utmost importance to travellers, according to a new poll.

Almost 9 in 10 travellers (86%) said this is essential or important, ABTA’s 2013 Consumer Trends Survey has found.

Then comes financial protection, membership of ABTA travel organisation, and ATOL protection, at numbers two, three and four on the list respectively.

Value for money completes the table of the top five booking essentials, with 70% of consumers saying this is important.

Membership of ABTA has also grown in importance according to their figures, and surpassed value for money, with 71% of people citing it as essential or important, in comparison with 68% last year.

Lowest price dipped one place this year to number nine in the table with 57% of travellers citing this as important.

Other elements in the top 10 included knowledgeable staff, ease of transport connections to the airport, trip ranges on offer and arrangement flexibility.

Mark Tanzer, ABTA chief executive, said:

“With some signs of economic optimism, it is perhaps not surprising to see that lowest prices have fallen slightly as a priority.”


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