56 days before we need another holiday

It only takes 56 days from our last holiday before we feel we need another break from the daily grind, a poll shows…

According to a survey of 2,000 adults, 56 days from the end of a holiday is all the average Briton can withstand before dreams of warmer climes and stress-free breaks take over.

The data on holiday habits also shows that the majority of people get away twice a year, but often taken months apart.

Kay Dixon, from travel website Holiday Hypermarket, which conducted the study, says it is unsurprising that the “refreshed” feeling fades soon after getting back into the household routine.

The main reason for needing a break was blamed on being ‘overtired’, while a third said they did not want a life that was all work and no play.

Motivation was also found to be lacking by half of the respondents in the run-up to a holiday.

On a scale of one to 10, 60% put their productivity at five before taking a holiday, while 75% rated it at eight or more upon their return.

Meanwhile, more than three-quarters believe it is detrimental to go a whole year without a break.  Despite this, only one in five said they regularly get away during a year.

Problems at work, commuting, being caught in the rain and a broken-down appliance at home were also all cited as reasons to prompt the booking of a holiday, the survey showed.


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