Monthly Archives: February 2019

27 Feb

Sustainable Travel: A Guide to Eco Friendly Tourism

Our planet is pretty incredible. And thanks to technological advances in recent decades, the vast deserts, seas, mountains, rainforests and glaciers that populate the earth are all only a plane ride away. However, our appetite for exploration comes at a hefty cost. Research published last year in Nature Climate Change revealed that tourism is responsible

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21 Feb

Films to inspire your next adventure

With the Ocars just around the corner, we’ve rounded up our favourite travel films of all time. Did we miss any? Get in touch and let us know your favourites. Thelma & Louise (1991) In this feminist classic, two housewives-turned-outlaws embark on a road trip, travelling from Arkansas to the Grand Canyon. Catch Me If You

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14 Feb

You do you: The best destinations for solo travellers

This Valentine’s Day, we’re championing solo travel. As special as it is to share travel experiences with loved ones, there’s something truly unique about exploring the world on your own terms. Travelling alone offers an unparalleled sense of freedom and independence, providing space to think and reflect, a new perspective on the world, and pushing

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04 Feb

Wellness for one-and-all: How to enjoy the high life at low prices

Wellness breaks are one of the hottest travel trends, but only 3% of Brits can afford the average retreat Currency experts reveal how to save thousands of pounds on luxury wellness breaks that boost health, mood and wellbeing Wellness expert shares insight on the benefits of a wellness break on your physical and emotional wellbeing

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