Monthly Archives: February 2019

14 Feb

You do you: The best destinations for solo travellers

This Valentine’s Day, we’re championing solo travel. As special as it is to share travel experiences with loved ones, there’s something truly unique about exploring the world on your own terms. Travelling alone offers an unparalleled sense of freedom and independence, providing space to think and reflect, a new perspective on the world, and pushing

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04 Feb

The DIY Wellness Guide: Save £2,000 on a Luxury Wellness Retreat

A typical ‘wellness holiday’ costs travellers an average of £2,500 for a 5-7 night stay New research reveals that taking a DIY approach can save travellers up to £2000 Wellness tourism is the fastest-growing travel sector, worth a staggering £495 billion. From Ayurvedic yoga sanctuaries on Thailand’s white-sand beaches to silent meditation retreats in the

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