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Children better travelled than parents - ICE Newsroom
31 Oct

Children ‘better-travelled’ than parents

Many children are ‘better-travelled’ than their parents, new research shows More than two-thirds of children in the UK  have travelled abroad on holiday before they have reached the age of 10, according to trends expert Peter York. This marks a stark comparison to the experiences of their parents, with 70% claiming that they had not

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Security comes first - ICE Travel Money
30 Oct

Accommodation safety prioritised by Travellers

The biggest booking “must-have” for Britons heading overseas on holiday? Safe and secure accommodation.   Accommodation that is safe and secure is of utmost importance to travellers, according to a new poll. Almost 9 in 10 travellers (86%) said this is essential or important, ABTA’s 2013 Consumer Trends Survey has found. Then comes financial protection,

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New flights from easyJet - ICE Travel Money
29 Oct

New flights from easyJet

People planning overseas holidays could have extra travel money available next year… …thanks to a certain budget airline’s announcement of new cheap flights. Inexpensive carrier easyJet is set to expand into 10 new routes for its flights in time for the 2014 summer season. This means there will be an extra 424,000 seats on sale for

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Brits love city breaks ICE NEWSROOM
28 Oct

City breaks draw even with sunny destinations for Brits

City breaks – Britons on holiday are showing a trend towards city breaks rather than beach resorts, according to new research   The number of people taking a city break has risen to more than 4 in 10 (41%) in the last 12 months, a poll by the ABTA travel organisation has found. The proportion

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25 Oct

Are we tight-fisted with tips on holiday?

Are we tight-fisted with tips on holiday? 1 in 3 tips 5% or less   The etiquette of tipping on holiday remains a mystery and often a source of downright embarrassment to many, according to a survey of tipping habits amongst 2000 travellers commissioned by travel money provider ICE – International Currency Exchange*.  Surprisingly, over

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Travel further, holidaymakers urged
22 Oct

Travel further, holidaymakers urged

Non-European holiday travel urged Holidaymakers are being urged to step out of their comfort zone and travel further afield to sample more exotic climes. With an increasing number of relatively short-haul flights to non-European destinations, there has never been a better time for travellers to venture outside of the EU for a holiday. A survey

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18 Oct

Protect Gap Year Travels with the ICE Travellers Cashcard

ICE urges students to travel safely with the ICE Travellers Cashcard Keeping a handle on the kids’ gap year spending can be done from the comfort of home thanks to prepaid currency cards such as the fee free ICE Travellers Cashcard from travel money expert ICE – International Currency Exchange.  Parents are being urged

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Laptops safe for use during take-off?
17 Oct

Laptops safe to use during take-off?

Bored of having to sit around doing nothing until your flight is in mid-air? Fear not…  Passengers heading off on holiday could soon see the ban lifted on using smartphones, laptops and tablets while a plane is taking off and landing   This follows a new study regarding the use of laptops, tablets etc. carried out

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Asquith visits every country in the world
16 Oct

Brit James Asquith visits 196 countries – by 24

Travel fan James Asquith has spent £125,000 to achieve his goal of visiting every country in the world before he was 25. Asquith began travelling while he was a student in 2008, and has since accrued a full house of 196 passport stamps. But despite his endeavours, Asquith’s claim of becoming the youngest person to

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Does your job dictate your choice of holiday?
15 Oct

Does your profession influence your holiday destination?

Your choice of holiday destination can offer clues as to what you do for a living, according to a new survey. Mechanics, for example, are more likely to spend their foreign travel money in Spain’s Costa del Sol, while admin staff see the Algarve as their preferred getaway. Human resources employees tend to visit New

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