1 in 4 partners travel solo on their holidays

1 in 4 partners travel solo for holidays

Single holidays are being taken by more than a quarter of people in relationships, according to new research.

A total of 27% leave their partner behind to enjoy “me time”, LV= travel insurance’s poll of 1,000 spouses showed

This proportion is nearly three times the percentage (10%) of partners having solo holidays a decade ago.

The main reason is to spend relaxation time with friends, followed by the desire to participate in a pastime not enjoyed by a partner.

The most unromantic excuse for not taking a partner away is the expense (4%), and 3% holiday alone while their partner looks after pets or children.

Men prefer sport-based breaks away from their partner enjoying activities such as fishing or golf.

Women, conversely, tend to look for getaways with friends to enjoy, city breaks and beach holidays that don’t require much travelling.

More women prefer solo breaks than men, the percentage breaking down into 52%/48%.

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