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14 Feb

You do you: The best destinations for solo travellers

This Valentine’s Day, we’re championing solo travel. As special as it is to share travel experiences with loved ones, there’s something truly unique about exploring the world on your own terms. Travelling alone offers an unparalleled sense of freedom and independence, providing space to think and reflect, a new perspective on the world, and pushing

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04 Feb

The DIY Wellness Guide: Save £2,000 on a Luxury Wellness Retreat

A typical ‘wellness holiday’ costs travellers an average of £2,500 for a 5-7 night stay New research reveals that taking a DIY approach can save travellers up to £2000 Wellness tourism is the fastest-growing travel sector, worth a staggering £495 billion. From Ayurvedic yoga sanctuaries on Thailand’s white-sand beaches to silent meditation retreats in the

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18 Jan

Keep Calm and Carry On: A Brexit Travel Guide

With May re-entering negotiations after narrowly surviving a no-confidence vote, it looks like a no-deal Brexit, a new-deal Brexit, and a second referendum are all on the table. No one knows for sure how it’s all going to play out, but to help you prepare for every possible outcome, we’ve put together a handy Brexit-proof

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11 Jan

Shifting travel trends as Brits go further to get more for their money

Sales of the Euro were down 6% in 2018, while sales of currency for further afield locations like Egypt, Morocco and Hong Kong soared Consumer travel trends within Europe are also changing, with consumers favouring affordable destinations like Turkey, Romania, and Bulgaria over more expensive alternatives New sales data released by International Currency Exchange (ICE)*

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08 Nov

Change of heart as Brits contemplate holidays after Brexit

More than one in five Brits would have voted differently on Brexit if they had known the impact it might have on their holidays More than half worried about spiralling costs of European travel Large numbers set to change holiday habits with reduced holidays, staycations and breaks outside of Europe New research by currency provider,

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07 Nov

Foreign currency: How to get the best value for money

Continuously fluctuating, and sometimes unpredictable, exchange rates can be a cause of confusion for many travellers. It’s difficult to know when to buy your foreign currency before an upcoming trip, or where you should get it from. In fact, with Brexit looming, it seems a growing number of people are anxious about their next holiday

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28 Aug

Share your holiday photo fails: win £250!

Holiday Photos Competition Did you fail in your efforts to look like you were holding up the Leaning Tower of Pisa? Did your attempt to capture the Statue of Liberty get photobombed? Did your head get chopped off while trying to capture the view from the Eiffel Tower? Or maybe you just had a disaster

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15 Aug

Trying to buy Turkish Lira?

We’ve seen a mammoth 24,000% increase in online orders for Turkish Lira compared to the average daily orders in July 2018. Demand for Turkish Lira has been unprecedented since it plummeted in value. Record levels of British holidaymakers are flocking to Turkey for a bargain summer holiday and savvy customers have been trying to stock

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