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29 Aug

Duchess of Cambridge tops poll of travel companions

Duchess of Cambridge considered perfect travel companion The Duchess of Cambridge came first in a new poll of perfect travel companions we would like to fly abroad with. London City Airport’s survey shows that any royal family member tops the table with 13.5% of the votes cast. The Duchess of Cambridge is the most popular

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28 Aug

Britons ‘eager to see the world’

World travel high up on UK Holidaymakers’ bucket list World travel features prominently in the average UK holidaymakers’ ‘bucket list’, with buying a holiday home abroad occupying the number one spot. Jetting off to the Maldives, swimming with dolphins and driving along Route 66 all feature in the top 10 must-do experiences; along with seeing

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27 Aug

Warning over holiday calorie intake

Brits indulge in double their calorie intake on their first day away Brits enjoying all-inclusive holidays eat twice as much of the recommended daily intake of calories in their first day away, according to new research. The study shows UK holidaymakers tuck into the food and drink on offer during the first 24 hours

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56 days
21 Aug

56 days before we need another holiday

It only takes 56 days from our last holiday before we feel we need another break from the daily grind, a poll shows… According to a survey of 2,000 adults, 56 days from the end of a holiday is all the average Briton can withstand before dreams of warmer climes and stress-free breaks take over.

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15 Aug

Brits benefit from excellent exchange rates

Exchange rates favourable for Brits travelling abroad British holidaymakers are benefiting from excellent exchange rates when arranging their travel money but are spending less when abroad, official figures show. However, despite spending less, Britons are taking more trips overseas. According to the Office for National Statistics (ONS) the number of UK travellers heading overseas in

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14 Aug

Youngsters choose travel over work

Australia tops UK’s table as favourite gap-year country Travel abroad once again appears to be emerging as the preferred option for young people across the UK after completing their studies, according to youth travel expert STA. It has seen its round-the-world trips jump by a quarter over the past 12 months, with Iceland proving the

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13 Aug

Holidaymakers to relax with in-flight pet channel

Would you watch a pet channel to relax you on your flight? Holidaymakers on British Airways long-haul flights will soon be able to make their journeys more pleasurable… with the aid of cats and dogs. The Paws and Relax channel will be available as a part of the in-flight entertainment package on certain services from

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12 Aug

App helps travellers through airports

Travel app launched to help travellers through airports Knowing when to have your passport or boarding pass at the ready can be confusing for some travellers, especially those who are new to air travel. But a new app being introduced by budget airline easyJet seeks to help make it easier for travellers to negotiate their

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08 Aug

Record travel figures at London City Airport

Boom in travel figures at London City Airport Record numbers of holidaymakers and business travellers are using London City Airport, latest statistics show. The fifth-busiest airport serving London welcomed a record 341,866 travellers through its gates in July – 4% more than the same month last year and more than any month since it opened

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08 Aug

Brits more carefree when on holiday

Brits more carefree when on holiday How wild do you get on holiday? Almost two thirds of Brits admit to doing things on holiday they wouldn’t dream of doing at home, according to a survey. Research by found that some 60% of British tourists will behave in a more carefree manner when on their

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